Who am I and What is this?

Who am I? Well, my name is Ian Harris and this is a little bit about me.

Over the years I have had quite a few jobs. From truck driving (delivering beer) to dry cleaning, hotel work and working on a fairground. Once and for a short time I even served in the military.  None of those jobs came to much but I wouldn’t have missed them for the world because of one major thing. Experience.

There were two jobs in my life that, even though I don’t do them anymore, were a little more than the experience. For me these were the jobs that have never stopped giving. Jobs that helped me go some way to answering my self-imposed question, Who Am I?

Two Jobs.

I was a Church of England Priest while at the same time working in MIND, the well-known mental health charity.

And it was from those two positions that I came to experience what I call the frailness of the human condition.

I saw and I learned just how fragile, how vulnerable we can be. I saw all kinds of people in all sorts of distress and it wasn’t long before their pain began to slip through my defences and begin to affect/infect me. So much so, that I determined that I had to use whatever skills I had to help theirs and mine, situations.

To cut a long story short.

I began to read and meet people who might lead me down the correct pathway all of which required me to take a long hard look at myself. I found I had to look at what was positive and what was negative within myself and to be honest, I’m still at it. No conclusions, just a work in progress.

What I did discover is that there are one or two things that I was quite good at (and more than enough that I wasn’t).

I found for instance, that I was able to give some people a respite, a break from their troubled personas. With my own discovery of techniques etc that helped me, I found by sharing that I was able to help others. I found that I was able to show them ways of being, even for just a few precious moments, at peace with themselves.

To do that, I used a kind of simple visualisation technique. Something that I had picked up and used for members of congregations when I was a Priest. It was at that time, I suppose a slightly different way to pray.

For various reasons, I am no longer a religious person. For me, it’s more about spirituality. I am no longer a Priest and what I am suggesting on this site is in no way church based.

I find what I was able to do then and still recommend now, is a way to bring people who are ‘troubled’, unable to relax whatever, to a quiet point. A place where they can ‘stop’ for a few precious moments.

Meditation, deep relaxation, call it what you will. All I know is that in most cases, it helps.

And it’s on this website I will try to explain and map out the exercises (I don’t like that word – so I will use ‘Scenarios) I still use on myself and others.

Nothing here is too complicated in fact it’s all very simple…and free.

The first scenario that I suggest you give a go is something I call, ‘The Cave and Candle’ which you’ll find here.

If you have a restless and busy mind that needs to be calmed…I suggest you give it a try.

Before you leave…remember…
  • You don’t have to have spent 25 years in a temple in the Himalayas to do this stuff. You are special enough already. You are unique. There is no-one else like you.
  • If you ‘fail’ at these scenarios/imaginations come back and ‘fail better’.
  • What suits me may not suit you (see above). Find your own way.
  • If it helps you then tell your friends and family.