Welcome to HOW TO RELAX

solutions from ian harrisHello and welcome to HOW TO RELAX at therestfulmind.co.uk and the solutions it offers. On this particular About me page I will try to explain what’s going on.

My name is Ian Harris and if by chance you have been following me and this website on a regular basis,  you will notice that I have changed quite a lot on this blog.


You don’t need me to tell you about stress and the damage it can do in our busy lives. A lot of people (victims if you like) are realising that sometimes you just have to stop, take a step back learn how to relax. 

Apart from one or two exercises that have helped me learn how to relax, I’ve realised that sometimes to regain and rediscover your real self and what you are capable of, change is needed. 

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and try something else. A new career, a complete change in your way of life can be a lifesaver so, on this website I’m floating one or two ideas that might help.

Providing Solutions.

What I’m trying to do here is offer Solutions to everyday problems. Solutions and Answers to where you might want to go with an Internet life, for instance, an internet business? But of course, maybe you’ve had enough of all that and all want to do is put your feet up? Whatever the journey you decide upon,  I hope I can offer some fresh ideas.

For whatever reason you have arrived on this site I hope you find something useful. Something that will drive you on to be a successful, relaxed person. 


Affiliate announcement..

You should know that some of the answers I provide you may have to pay for. In which case, should you buy, then I will receive a commission. Other problem solvers will be free and written from my own experience as an Ex Church of England Priest and a past Counsellor for MIND, the UK Mental Health organisation.