Connect the Two – Body + Mind

conect the two - body + mindLet’s face it. I would be a fool if I were to suggest that the mind is the ‘main machine’. That the only part of our make-up that matters. Of course, mental health matters but it is not the only part of us that counts. We have to ‘Connect the Two – Body + Mind‘. 


An explanation.

We are complex. And without a healthy body AS WELL AS a healthy mind, life can become, to put it lightly, difficult.

However, and I think that this is important I do not believe that perfection is the key. Apart from being, downright impossible, perfection is boring. As I am continually saying, EACH OF US IS UNIQUE so it is not the move towards perfection that is important but the move to knowing ourselves better.

Knowledge is definitely the key.

Knowledge of ourselves. How each of us in our differences, our uniqueness, work.

In other words, ‘What make ME tick? And how can I improve?’

Let’s be brutal here.

There is no point to all my imaginations, scenarios, manifestations etc when what we have is an overweight and lazy lump sitting in an armchair believing he or she will get ‘better’ just by thinking about it.

Healthy body – Healthy mind.

Let me reiterate. This is NOT a race to perfection. It is about doing what it takes to live and breathe in a ‘normal’ healthy fashion and I’m not talking six-pack here. Or the ability to run marathons. Mind you, if that’s where you are in this game of life good on you. That’s not me. But I do have the realisation that I am built to keep moving, if not for speed.

Common sense.

I know, that if I put good things into my body and mind. If I watch my diet etc good things will come out. I know that when I fail, when I er…do or eat something I shouldn’t, there will be consequences and that is because I am a grown-up, an adult.

One thing I will not do however, (this is the way I do it), I WILL NOT STRESS ABOUT IT.

I will learn from my mistakes and try to do better next time.

What I won’t do is  punish myself.

It’s simple.

For a better life.

  • Know yourself.
  • Keep body and mind healthy because they are both as important as each other.
  • Connect the Two – Body + Mind


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