Exercise 4. Grounded (the Molten Core)

Exercise 4. Grounded (the Molten Core)

I can’t remember where I was when I thought of this. I know it was pretty much off the cuff and made up as I went along. No matter. It worked, it calmed me down and gave me the impetus to carry on doing what I was doing. I call it Exercise 4. GROUNDED (The molten core) for obvious reasons.

What we have here is something you can do when you are out and about and have a moment. Maybe, in a queue or waiting for a bus. Anytime you have a moment, a pause. Anytime when you find yourself standing still.

Now, I know I always start these sessions with ‘OK, so relax’ and nothing has changed. If you can relax while waiting for a bus or standing in a queue, then please, do it.

However, I appreciate how difficult this can be if the situation, the physical place you are in is busy or noisy. All I can say is, try your best.

Feet firmly to the ground. Listen to your breathing rising and falling. If it’s safe to do so, close your eyes and attempt to take a little time out in your brain. Imagine the feet becoming part of the ground you are standing on…feel literally ‘grounded’. Close down if it’s feasible. If not, don’t worry. Do your best with your imagination.


…what’s beneath your feet. I mean really beneath your feet. Miles down.


The hot molten furnace that is the earth’s core.


…the power. Like some mighty engine humming and beating like the heart it is. Feel that power. See that molten core, churning, turning, folding over on itself.

The sheer power.

Witness the enormous power that’s needed to keep the earth turning and stable in space.


…that power reaching up towards you.

Feel the earth trembling as the power forces its way through the various crusts upwards…upwards…gathering speed as it goes.

It slows before it reaches you.

You suddenly feel the power entering the soles of your feet in the form of a soft heat. The journey that the energy through the earth has reduced its violent power to a powerful warmth that trickles its charge into your body slowly.

You feel the earth’s raw energy making its gentle way through your body. Filling you with a power that is yours to control.

It’s like you’re being refuelled. You are the battery that’s receiving a charge of energy.

When you are ready, you take a deep breath and blow the air out gently…take a moment to level out your breathing…

You are ready…

Time to go about your business, renewed, re-energized rejuvenated.