procrastinationProcrastination is defined as ‘the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain deadline’.


‘A habitual or intentional delay of starting or finishing a task despite knowing it might have negative consequences.’

Well, that may be so, but I happen to think that there is nothing wrong with putting off things to the last minute…(there I’ve said it).

I actually think, it is a wise move. In this age of ‘NOW-RIGHT NOW’ I find the idea of pondering, postponing, leaving things to the last minute, healthy.

I think procrastination is a signal that YOU are in charge. Procrastination says to me, that you quite probably know what YOU are doing. That YOU are sensible, in control and cautious.

To be ‘a top procrastinator’ means that you are fully aware of the consequences of delay.

A top procrastinator knows full well that leaving something to the last minute means he/she will have to move fast to get whatever it is completed on time. The top procrastinator is prepared to take the risk to get the project right.

Which says to me that HE/SHE IS COMPLETLY IN CHARGE OF THE SITUATION. So in charge that he or she refuses to be pushed or hurried by someone else’s agenda.  Nothing happens until the top procrastinator is sure – no certain that whatever the task is,,,is right. In short, a top procrastinator knows what they are doing.

The problem with today is everything is rushed.

Time to think is penalised. We are all, it seems, working to someone else’s agenda.

In my view, that way is doomed to failure. The Western world is on a mission to self-destruct. IT MUST SLOW DOWN. We invented/inherited a system and now the system rules us instead of the other way around. What we have become, are slaves to that system.

We have a big problem.

We are set on a path to destruction. So set in the way we live and the work that we do, I think it would be fair to say, we are living in dangerous times. One only has to look at the documented increase stress levels, blood pressure and the growth in cardiovascular problems to see that we are killing ourselves, slowly but surely.

The time has come to take all these issues seriously and begin the long hard slog of looking at ourselves and our lifestyles.

Ponder and Pause.

Perhaps we should add another ‘P’ to that. Procrastination.

Ponder. Pause. Procrastinate.





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